Best books to get your kids to love their toothbrush

Electric ToothbrushKids are notorious for neglecting their hygiene and that is why parents are having a difficult time trying to get their kids to do their daily bathroom rituals. If left to their own devices, kids would rarely change clothes, take a bath, shampoo their hair, and, let alone, brush their teeth. Fortunately, kids being kids, they are easily influenced with the things that they see and read and one of the best ways to get your kids loving their toothbrush and brushing their teeth is to buy them children’s books that focus on dental hygiene.

Pop-up and Interactive Books

When it comes to giving your kids books that they can appreciate, nothing can beat colorful pop-up books or books filled with colorful drawings and illustrations. Aside from the fun that your kids will derive from these books, you will also be able to teach them a valuable lesson when it comes to their dental hygiene.

1. Brush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-up Book by Leslie Mcguire (Author), Jean Pidgeon (Illustrator)

This pop-up book is about a chimp that is brushing its teeth back and forth. Any kid will have fun imitating that and will teach them the proper motion of brushing and cleaning their teeth. Click here to buy.

2. Brush, Brush, Brush! (Rookie Toddler) by Alicia Padron (Illustrator), Childrens Press (Other Contributor)

Rhythmic rhymes filled with bright, colorful pictures will surely teach your kids the perks of dental hygiene. Kids will be imitating the book which will ensure that parents will have an easy time brushing their kid’s teeth. Kids will also have fun reading the books and are likely to remember them by heart. Click here to buy.

3. Sesame Street Ready, Set, Brush: A Pop-Up Book by Sesame Street (Author), Che Rudko (Author)

Who does not love Sesame Street? And with Elmo teaching your kids how to open their mouth and brush their pearly whites, things will be a cinch. Elmo will even teach your kids how to apply toothpaste, brush their teeth, and rinse as well as making them ready for monthly visits to the dentist. Click here to buy.

Teaching Your Kids about Oral Hygiene

Aside from children’s books, there are also other ways you can entice your kids to brush their teeth. Getting colorful toothbrushes is one way to attract their attention. Better yet, you can get them powered toothbrushes that they can play around with. Not only will these be enjoyable to use, but they also help clean the teeth very well. Getting flavored toothpaste also works well as they will enjoy the refreshing taste in their mouths. For really young kids, there are toothpastes that can be swallowed; this is especially useful if your kids still have trouble spitting out the foam.

Waterpik has a nice option for your kids, too, if they are having difficulty flossing or if they neglect to do it. Their Waterpik for Kids Water Flosser is a great option that makes flossing fun and pain free, and it even comes with stickers!

All in all, there is no reason why your kids should not enjoy brushing their teeth. With a few children’s books and some extra paraphernalia, you can teach them the joys of dental hygiene and make them enjoy it as well. These children’s books are quite easy to find and are extremely affordable and you can even purchase them online.