Literature Scholarships for High School Seniors

CapIf you are a high school senior that is passionate with literature then pay attention to this one! There are several different scholarship options available for you to enjoy. These scholarships are directly involved into creating essays based on literature and writing. Students will be able to show all of their talent by writing essays and getting a chance to change their lives through scholarships. Literary scholarships can come in many forms from odd literary scholarships like this list to some of the most prestigious scholarships in the world like the Rhodes Scholarships.
High school students often have to face a huge dilemma: get a loan or try a scholarship, better yet several different scholarships? Well, loans are the worst option, after all students will be in debt for years, even after they have their degree. High School seniors have the hard mission to choose the right option in order to have a much better future. There is a 50/ 50 chance that these students will choose the right option. If you are a senior high school student keep your eyes open for the truly good opportunities that will help you have a better future indeed.

Let’s take a look at 2 literature related scholarships that are perfect for high school students!

J.D. Salinger Award

TheJ.D. Salinger Award is a very interesting scholarship option for high school seniors who would like to have a great part of their studies paid (if not everything at once!). This is a unique opportunity that is aimed directly at students who love literature and would like to put their writing talents into very good practice. This project is perfect for students who love writing, whether they prefer fiction or romance, drama or horror. High school seniors are more than welcome to join the group and make a difference into the world. Not only will these students make a difference but they will also be able to get a good award in return. The money they get should be used towards their university fees and expenses, that way they will be able to continue their education and become much better people.

For those who do not know J.D. Salinger was a very famous writer who wanted to spread his talent worldwide. This scholarship will allow students to get $30.000 as scholarship award and they will have the opportunity to live in the University and sleep in the very same room that J.D Salinger slept back in 1938, when he was still a student. This is the true golden opportunity for the literature lovers.

Ayn Rand Institute Essay Contests

Another wonderful option for those who love writing and literature is the Ayn rand Institute Essay Contest. This is the perfect scholarship contest for high school seniors who are willing to have a much brighter future without having to stay in debt for decades afterwards. This institute has different essay categories for students as long as they focus on Ayn Rand’s work. The students will have to write essays based on Ayn’s novels, showing how passionate and how deeply they understood what she meant when writing. There are different scholarship values given, the values will come according to the participants’ age and how good they did with their essays. There are around 600 awards that have a total value of $100.000 dollars.