My Favorite Bodyweight Training Books

Spending longs hours at work as book critic and a hectic schedule with my family often prevent me from fitting into my day all the gym hours that I want. But not finding enough time to go the gym doesn’t mean that I gave up so easily, I just found another solution to my problem. I looked for workouts that were beneficial and works well to strengthen and tone my muscle mass. Another important factor was a workout that I could take with me on the go, something that I didn’t need a weight or gym for but could crunch into my day when I had a spare moment. This is why I turned to bodyweight training and below are the ultimate books that will give you the body you want in the time that you have to spare.

You Are Your Own Gym:  Bodyweight Bible

Bodyweight ExercisesI didn’t expect to be so fortunate with my first bodyweight training book. This book was a complete guide to bodyweight training. It introduced me to endurance exercise and helped me build the strength that I needed to maintain continuous workouts. The exercises in this book also tend to be very tough but the challenge makes them all the more better and worthwhile. This book also comes with a DVD which provides complete explanations so that you can be sure you’re doing things right.

Never Gymless

Never Gymless literally prevented me from being gymless. Every workout was engineered in a way to allow me to fit in that much needed workout on the go. This is a good book for both beginners and longtime bodyweight trainers as the exercise explanations are easy to follow while still becoming difficult enough to the point where some mastery is needed. Never Gymless also delves into a bodyweight training realm that many of those who use the exercise system find useless: isometrics. What made the book worthy of this list is its ability to turn a boring and seemingly useless exercise into something that I’ve gladly employed into my workout routine.

Dinosaur Bodyweight

If you’ve got a spare decent chunk of change laying around that you want to invest in an old-school bodyweight training book, this is the one to buy. Although it may seem outdated, the exercises are just as good as any book (even better possibly) and truly adhere to the core of bodyweight training. It doesn’t leave you with useless commentaries and nonsense, but gets to the point which is to strengthen you and your body. If you’re looking for hardcore and true bodyweight training exercises, I recommend you this book. It successfully transformed the way I do and understand bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who are serious devotees of the training system; these books are worth the investment. They have helped me continue my exercises even without the gym. My body has also never looked as good as it does now, and I’m going to keep it this way with these complete workout books.