Best Paleo Cookbooks of 2013: Improve Your Diet Today

Food is a necessary staple for every human being. But food doesn’t need to be processed, and it does not need to include sugar, legumes, and refined carbohydrates. For a fully nutritious and healthful diet to maximize performance throughout the day, the best thing you can do for yourself and for your body is to adhere to the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is a lifestyle that brings us men back to our roots and allows us to have the diet that our ancestors strengthened themselves upon. Below you will find my favorite and best Paleo diet cookbooks of 2013.

Gather, The Art of Paleo Entertaining

Gather - The Art of Paleo EntertainingHand your girl this book when she invites guest so you can keep your diet on track and she can enjoy the cooking process. I’m being sarcastic. We both had a good time cooking these recipes together. This book was a great book to follow when my girl and I invited guests over. With recipes that allowed us to cook together and enjoy with friends and family, I’m glad I bought this book. This book splits Paleo entertaining into sections so that there is a meal for every occasion. There are too many occasions, but still a decent amount of recipes that can be used even without the occasions.

Everyday Paleo Around the World: Italian Cuisine

There is a way to reconcile Italian food and Paleo cooking as this cookbook shows you exactly how. In this cookbook you’ll find authentic Italian recipes that are savory and down to earth. For us men who don’t have time to truly spend hours in the kitchen, this book is the perfect solution. The recipes are quick to make, use minimal ingredients, and also are packed with nutrition and flavor. Men that need pictures to help them with recipes will also find accompanying photographs for each meal – which will be most men because without such guidance we would not know how the food is supposed to look like.

Paleo Lunches on the Go

Most of us men are busy and our food lifestyle prevents us from just grabbing a bite to eat from the deli during work. We need lunches that are easy to make, simple to package, and stay edible on the go. This is where this Paleo lunch book comes in. Here you will find the right recipes that don’t take up too much time to make and also give you the meal that you need in the middle of your day. With this book I’ve been able incorporate the Paleo diet into my day as I’ve never done before.

My adherence to the Paleo lifestyle was difficult in the beginning and the transition has not been so easy from the type of diet I was raised on. These cookbooks allowed me to better incorporate the diet into my life and make it my lifestyle. Paleo for me is a way of life, and with these recipes, it has only become much more nutritious and tasteful.