Reading without the Lights on – Scary Business!

Lights offI am book crazy! I love reading books of all different types and to be honest I can’t quite get enough. I read in the morning, I read during breakfast, I read during lunch and pretty much every other spare moment that I have. My favorite types of books are fantasy with perhaps the highlight being the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

This past year I was lucky enough to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It was amazing and it felt like I was really there. I rode all off the rides multiple times but perhaps enjoyed the atmosphere more than anything. I was able to sip pumpkin juice and butter beer and even have lunch in the ‘Three Broomsticks,’! It really brought the books to life for me as exactly I had imagined it. At the amusement park, they have built Hogwarts Castle which overlooks the rest of the park which acts as the entrance to perhaps the most popular ride. It’s amazing how much detail they put into the castle; it makes you feel like you’re really there.

One of the problems I have with my reading addiction is when I am in bed with my wife. She cannot sleep for the life of her unless the room is completely dark which creates a bit of a problem for me. Of course, I could read in a different room but there is something which is relaxing about falling asleep with a good book. To solve this problem, I did some research into suitable flashlights I could use in the bedroom. I started out with using the flashlight we had kept in the garage for sometime but it was big, clunky and pretty much the worst reading companion a guy could ask for.

I then took a little bit of a closer look at the tactical gear industry which has a variety of products designed to be discreet. I figured if I could find something small enough to hold to the side when I am reading, it would be discreet enough for my wife to be able to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, the high-lumen tactical flashlight I settled on was just a bit too bright and in fact illuminated the room way too much.

Eventually, I found a whole new market which included low powered headlamps which were extremely convenient for me. They were also very discreet which meant my wife could still sleep despite my reading. Now we both rest better than ever and I get to enjoy all of my books!