I’m Tired of Being a Lazy Book Reviewer: My Fitness Goals for 2014

The new year is upon us and I’ve made a commitment to my husband to get back in shape.  He has been working out like crazy with his friends before the new year and it’s absolutely putting me to shame.  I recently purchased the Gillian Michaels at home workout routine and based on what I’ve read it seems like it’s a great fitness tutorial for someone like me that only runs on the treadmill from time to time.  I’ve been also studying online to find the best fitness advice so I am not wasting my time by doing the wrong exercises or taking the wrong supplements when I can’t find the time to put together a meal.  Below is a sample workout plan of what I plan to do starting January 1st.  I’m going to start off by doing them at home, and if I find out I can’t stay dedicated enough, I’m going to pony up the cash to go and join a gym.  I can’t let my husband keep putting me to shame and I’m determined to get back to my pre children shape!

Me - Pre Kiddos!
Me – Pre Kiddos!

Here’s a below sample of what I’m planning to do going forward.


Bodyweight Workout

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Crunches
  • Rowing Machine (We have one in our home gym)


  • Run a Mile
  • 3 Sets of Burpees
  • Sprints at the Park


  • Rest Day


Bodyweight Workout

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Crunches
  • Dips (We also have a Dip Bar at Home)


  • Run a Mile
  • Sprints at the Park


  • Rest Days Both Days

Now that you’ve seen to what I’m committing to, hopefully my faithful readers here can help me stick to it!  My husband has been taking supplements that he says have really helped him but I’m a little nervous to jump on that band wagon because I’ve read that some supplements like creatine can make you bloated.  He seems to do okay with them but he’s a guy and typically guys seem to react differently than us girls with supplements especially if we are trying to lose weight, not gain it!

I’m hopeful that I can stick to my goals and not just have them turn out to be another new year’s resolution flop that they seem to have been over the last few years.  My husband has already lost about 20 pounds doing crossfit and seeing him drop weight so fast really agitates and aggravates me.  But the good news is that it also motivates me too!  I hope that you and your family all have a great new years and I’m hopeful that all of you can meet your new years resolution goals this year!!!

My Favorite Bodyweight Training Books

Spending longs hours at work as book critic and a hectic schedule with my family often prevent me from fitting into my day all the gym hours that I want. But not finding enough time to go the gym doesn’t mean that I gave up so easily, I just found another solution to my problem. I looked for workouts that were beneficial and works well to strengthen and tone my muscle mass. Another important factor was a workout that I could take with me on the go, something that I didn’t need a weight or gym for but could crunch into my day when I had a spare moment. This is why I turned to bodyweight training and below are the ultimate books that will give you the body you want in the time that you have to spare.

You Are Your Own Gym:  Bodyweight Bible

Bodyweight ExercisesI didn’t expect to be so fortunate with my first bodyweight training book. This book was a complete guide to bodyweight training. It introduced me to endurance exercise and helped me build the strength that I needed to maintain continuous workouts. The exercises in this book also tend to be very tough but the challenge makes them all the more better and worthwhile. This book also comes with a DVD which provides complete explanations so that you can be sure you’re doing things right. Continue reading “My Favorite Bodyweight Training Books” »

Best Paleo Cookbooks of 2013: Improve Your Diet Today

Food is a necessary staple for every human being. But food doesn’t need to be processed, and it does not need to include sugar, legumes, and refined carbohydrates. For a fully nutritious and healthful diet to maximize performance throughout the day, the best thing you can do for yourself and for your body is to adhere to the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is a lifestyle that brings us men back to our roots and allows us to have the diet that our ancestors strengthened themselves upon. Below you will find my favorite and best Paleo diet cookbooks of 2013.

Gather, The Art of Paleo Entertaining

Gather - The Art of Paleo EntertainingHand your girl this book when she invites guest so you can keep your diet on track and she can enjoy the cooking process. I’m being sarcastic. We both had a good time cooking these recipes together. This book was a great book to follow when my girl and I invited guests over. With recipes that allowed us to cook together and enjoy with friends and family, I’m glad I bought this book. This book splits Paleo entertaining into sections so that there is a meal for every occasion. There are too many occasions, but still a decent amount of recipes that can be used even without the occasions. Continue reading “Best Paleo Cookbooks of 2013: Improve Your Diet Today” »

My Favorite Fitness Books

This list of books features some of the standards that focus on overall fitness. They are books that will help you to build a well-rounded workout that includes flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. While they are likely to be familiar to some, it never hurts to review the classics for those who are looking for guidance in achieving a new level of fitness.

ACSM Fitness Book

This book, written and periodically revised by the American College of Sports Medicine, has earned its status as a standard. It is my all time favorite, and the one I most often recommend. Tests of flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness along with an assessment of your Body Mass Index (BMI) determine your fitness level for your age and gender in each of the above areas. The book then guides you to a six-week long program of carefully described exercises that start at an appropriate level and build from there. Photographs also illustrate the proper form for the exercises. At the end of six weeks, you repeat the tests to find the exercises appropriate for you new level of fitness. The book also contains a fitness maintenance program and suggestions for ways to vary the routine or to increase the difficulty levels of the exercises should you want to move beyond the level of fitness attained in the maintenance program.

Fitness for Dummies

Fitness for DummiesAs with all of the books in this series, this book is a comprehensive guide. It cuts through hype and quick fixes. Then, like the ACSM Fitness Book, Fitness for Dummies addresses the need for testing to find an exercise program appropriate for your fitness level. It goes beyond the ACSM Fitness Book, however, to discuss diet, finding a health club, hiring a personal trainer, and creating a home gym. Once you read these sections, you will better understand which route is the best for you. Continue reading “My Favorite Fitness Books” »